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We have been contacted by Queensland Health today at 1.30pm to inform us they have reviewed our status & have declared that we are an event at a Showgrounds & we MUST follow the mandate that has been laid out by Queensland Health effective today.

This means effective immediately for you to attend our event tomorrow Saturday the 18th of December you MUST SHOW PROOF OF DOUBLE VACCINATION AGAINST

Once again this is not a directive from South Burnett Speedway Club but from Queensland Health. The club has worked tirelessly with Queensland Health for the last 3 weeks to get this clarified but in the 11th hour we have been informed otherwise to what has been stated previously.

Please do not vent your frustrations at our club or it’s members, volunteers or officials.

This situation is out of our hands. And we are trying our very best in a very trying situation.

Please do not make phone calls, send messages or emails to our club as this is the situation & the cards we have been dealt as of today by Queensland Health.

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 UPDATE

  1. An open air event whereby any potential virus in the atmosphere will be negated by the exhaust gases from the speedway cars. QLD health apply a blanket restriction unfairly COVID ( carelessly over violating individual desires)

  2. It all comes down to one word – showground. If it was a purpose built speedway, you’d be ok to run. Furthermore, there has not been one single case of outdoor transmission of SARS-Cov-2 since the pandemic began. It’s a large pile of bovine excrement on the part of the Qld Gov.

  3. If anyone asks for Ur health stats ,their are big fines and or 5 yrs jail ,U like a lot of other businesses are put in the middle,john

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