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99 Modified Sedans for National Title

The IBRP / AHI SSA National Modified Sedan Title to be held at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts Kingaroy Speedway on 26th & 27th April has attracted a staggering 99 entries.

The field is incredibly strong, boasting 14 National Champions who have won 16 National Titles between them, with 23 State Title holders amassing 60 Titles amongst them.

Last years Champion, Cameron Waters heads the line-up, in what promises to be an amazing title.

The list has Champions spread right through-out the field, with a few surprising names making the massive line-up, including former three time National Champion, Mark Carlin, and Super Sedan star, Sean Black entering in the final 24 hours.

The field is dominated by Queensland drivers with 73 drivers representing the home state. Chris Hayden will be the lone South Australian, while Trent Quillerat from Tasmania will make the long trip North. Three West Australians will be in the field, all having won State Titles, while Greg Stevenson will be the lone driver from the Capital Territory, with three drivers from New South Wales. The remaining seventeen drivers will come from Victoria.

Further details including roof number allocations will be issued in the coming days.


Adam Jorgensen  QLD

Aidan Raymont  QLD

Allan Mortimer  WA

Antony Gaunt  QLD

Ash Parkinson  VIC

Ashley Barron  QLD

Ben Richardson  QLD

Brad Stein  QLD

Brad Warren  VIC

Brad Yarrow  QLD

Brayden Pacey  QLD

Brenton Scott  QLD

Brett Barron  QLD

Brett Baxter  QLD

Brett Watson QLD

Brock Atkins  VIC

Brodie Boss  QLD

Brody Chrystie  VIC

Bryan Galley  VIC

Cameron Birch  QLD

Cameron Waters VIC

Christopher Hams  QLD

Chris Hayden  SA

Clinton Noakes WA

Corey Stein  QLD

Darren Severs  QLD

Darren  Baldwin  QLD

Dave Clapson  NSW

David Barbeler  QLD

David Head  QLD

David Jacobi  QLD

David Manly  QLD

David Smith VIC

Derek Richards QLD

Gary Pagel  QLD

Gerard  Flood  NSW

Glenn Pagel  QLD

Graham Kleinhans  QLD

Graham West  VIC

Greg Stevenson  ACT

Greg Worling QLD

Hayden Stephensen  QLD

Jack Cameron  QLD

Jake Drewett VIC

Jake Hawkins  QLD

Jamie O’Meara  QLD

Jason Beer  QLD

Jason Schloss QLD

Jim Cowley QLD

Johnno Collins  QLD

Josh Harm  QLD

Justin Drew  VIC

Kent Menzies  QLD

Kent Shelford  QLD

Kye Walters VIC

Lee Steffens  QLD

Lee Volk  QLD

Luke Hollyman  QLD

Mark Carlin  VIC

Mark Raymont  QLD

Martin  Hawson  VIC

Matt Langton  QLD

Matt Nelson  VIC

Matthew Hawkings  QLD

Max Clarke  NSW

Michael Langton  QLD

Mick Johnson  WA

Mick Shelford  QLD

Myles Gilroy  QLD

Nathan Lowe  QLD

Nathan Macdonald  QLD

Pacey Clegg  QLD

Peter Gray  QLD

Peter White  QLD

Rachel Pratt  VIC

Richard Cook  QLD

Rodney Burr VIC

Rodney Pammenter  QLD

Rory Evans  QLD

Russell Harris  QLD

Scott McDermott  QLD

Sean Black  QLD

Shane Langton  QLD

Shane Macdonald  QLD

Shannon Blackburn  QLD

Stephen Geritz  QLD

Steve Jordan  QLD

Steven Love  QLD

Steven Manly  QLD

Thomas Hunter  QLD

Tim Atkin QLD

Tim Smith  QLD

Tim Weir  QLD

TJ Horne  QLD

Tony Coomber  QLD

Trent Quillerat TAS

Wade McCarthy VIC

Wayne Gilroy  QLD

Will Roeser  QLD

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