Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry


All cars must be available for inspection prior to drivers briefing. Cars will not be accepted or eligible to race after drivers briefing is held. All cars are to be below 95 db(a).

Prize or Tow Money

Will be paid inclusive of GST. Any prize money unclaimed within 14 days shall become disputed prize money as per Australian Speedway Racing Rules and there shall be no grounds for return after 14 days of the said meeting.


No dual nominations – ie: two drivers in one car in the same division and/or one car in two divisions on the same night. Minimum 8 cars in one division to receive full prize money. If less than 8 cars compete in an event, that division will receive tow money only. Nominations close Sunday (week prior to the race meeting date) at 5:00pm (no exceptions). All nominations received/accepted after this time will be deemed a late nomination and start rear of field.

Indemnity Clause

By checking the I agree box on this nomination form I DO HEREBY AGREE to indemnify to keep indemnified the Promoter, Landholder, their agents and officials from all actions, suits, claims and demands for damages or any other expenses whatsoever arising out of or relating directly to or from the use by me on the South Burnett Speedway Club Inc. and its surrounds for the purpose of/or any purpose connected with practise and/or competitive racing and/or trails and/or motor events. I, further agree that I will promptly carry out reasonable instructions from any officials of the South Burnett Speedway Club Inc. and will not in any way, do or suffer to be done, anything contrary to the regulations of the said club.

Also the undersigned Driver and/or Car Owner hereby declare that I/we have read and fully understand the Information Sheet and Conditions of Entry and will abide by the Australian Speedway Racing Rules and Regulations and the specifications set out for my racing division.

No Glass containers are to be brought into the Speedway Complex. It is against our Liquor License to bring alcohol into the Speedway Complex. Due to Workplace Health & Safety the Pit Area is a NO SMOKING ZONE. Axle stands to be used when car is jacked up into the air. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Promoter has the right to refuse any nomination. By nominating for this event, I understand that the nominated driver and his/her pit crew may appear in visual media (i.e. photographs, video footage) that is undertaken inside this speedway complex and that it remains the property of the media personnel involved; I also agree to any visual media involving the nominated driver and his/her pit crew to be used by the associated media personnel and/or the South Burnett Speedway Club Inc.